Yellow Skin Color Treatment – What Causes Yellowish Skin Tone

What causes yellow skin tones in the hands and feet?

The natural color of our skin is determined by melanin in skin cells. Melanin is found in highest amounts in the most dark and fair. You may find that your skin is yellow. yellow skin problem might be associated with jaundice. In this case, a number of accompanying symptoms, such as yellow eyes, discoloration of urine, and malaise. Jaundice can be caused by different strains of hepatitis known. It is a condition that affects your liver and can be life threatening if not diagnosed and treated.

What causes yellowing of the skin

Yellowing of the skin can also result from excessive intake of carotene. Carrots are full of carotene, what sets the color orange. Carotene is also rich in other vegetables such as sweet potatoes. If you take too much carrot juice, or eating too many carrots, you can create a yellow skin. However, if the skin tone tend to be more of a yellow-orange-ish. The name of this condition is carotenosis and is not harmful to you. You only need the consumption of foods rich in carotene and reduce your body over time, the color returned to its original color.

If no food is consumed carotene blood test done by a doctor should. You can to some underlying disease that effects your body and presents with yellow skin. yellowing of the skin may be a symptom of hypothyroidism. While this symptom is often presented by patients, are known to occur in some people. What happens is that their lack of thyroid hormones in the body impairs the ability of beta-carotene into vitamin A. This conversion to convert the reason that carrots are known to help with night vision problems. If you have low thyroid hormone production, we see the presence of other symptoms. These include tiredness, feeling cold, low heart rate, pain in muscles and joints. Hypothyroidism is also associated with weight gain. This is because the rate of metabolism slows down when you suffer from hypothyroidism. Because your body metabolize fast enough, the food we consume, not complete and may gain weight as a result. If any of these associated symptoms, consult your doctor for thyroid tests and make sure that this is not the cause of the feet and hands yellow.

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