What Is Hymen Bleeding | Breaking | Blood | Losing Virginity

The causes of bleeding hymen

A hymen is a thin tissue blocking the vagina at the opening of the break, if you do sex for the first time and results in bleeding. It could be a certain level of experience, if the pain during sex for the first time, but this is a temporary condition that lasts only. When the hymen is broken, no bleeding, but only a couple of drops of blood, can be seen and there is nothing to fear, because not all cause for serious concern. It is a big mistake that most people have is that a woman is the first time that rigor has sex bleeding. Sometimes the man could still doubt the virginity of a woman on the basis of these terms, in a tense situation between the couple. However, it should virginnnity on the basis of this condition can be a woman can not be tried or bleed when they break the hymen. On the other hand, there is a strong possibility that the hymen has been torn back, because thin and any involvement in rigorous activities such as horseback riding, a lot of cycling, swimming, using tampons during their stay in the course of a year or even a division can do, take your break. So you may or may not bleed when your hymen tears, and if you think that after you hymen is broken, this is not true. The fabric has been incorporated into the vagina after which the body is placed. But even bleeding after first sexual intercourse, there is no guarantee that the bleeding is broken as a result of the hymen. In fact, it could be the result of the surrounding tissues of the vagina, which will be broken.

You should be more concerned about learning different techniques for penetration, if you are the sex for the first time. It should be remembered that this be a pleasant and memorable for you and your partner or tearing of the hymen bleeding and should be the last of the things that you should worry. They could, however, some precautions if you are also concerned about pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Also, remember that this is not a 100% safety of these conditions.

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