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There in my vagina lip blow, how to remove them?

Small lumps or nodules that develop in the vagina, known as sebaceous cysts. These cysts tend to be filled with the protein keratin, which have an unpleasant odor. Sebaceous cysts usually occur on the torso, neck and facial areas, but sometimes they can also grow in the vagina and other parts of the genital area. This condition will develop into blisters of genital herpes encrusted wounds, what is different. Sebaceous cysts develop due to blocked hair follicles or skin damage.

For the treatment of sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts grow slowly and appear as small bumps, which are free under the skin. Usually painless, as they develop. One must, however, ignore them, contained in the beating or bruising the contents, as this can cause infection and inflammation. When infection occurs, the area is likely to be red and hot. Sensitivity usually experienced, and may be a whitish discharge from the stomach. Sebaceous cysts are more likely to disappear on their own, and are not harmful. In some cases, however, the cysts can grow in size and therefore the complaints. Large cysts may require surgical removal. Smaller cysts, the development of inflammation and infection can be treated with antibiotics or steroids.

Good hygiene is important to keep the vagina clean and infection free. It is advisable to wear cotton underwear and wash and change regularly. The pain and tenderness, May sebaceous cysts, are fixed for a heating pad on the area for several minutes. You can also use a warm damp cloth over the bump. This will encourage the rupture site itself, so to cure. A strong immune system is also important in fighting infections and are a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables must be integrated into your lifestyle. Essential oils are known to be helpful in treating skin infections of the advantage. Essential oils such as juniper, lemon, fennel, cypress and grapefruit are used to treat sebaceous cysts. An effective blend of herbs can be achieved through a combination of four drops each of cypress, juniper, grapefruit and oils are produced. Then add about six drops of essential oil of bay leaves and mix with 30 ml of sunflower oil. This can be applied to the affected area to promote healing. However, it is important to test the oils on the skin to test for allergic reactions. The advice of your physician to go a long way in understanding the gravity of the situation and treat them accordingly

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