Vaginal Itching Causes | Irritation | Yeast Infection In Women

Causes of vaginal itching

Almost all women suffer from vaginal itching at some point or another. There are many reasons for itching. Some reasons are as simple as soap powder or residue on the underwear, causing irritation, while the other more serious, such as sexually transmitted diseases, heart disease and infertility if not treated early can cause are. Even if a woman has no risk of a serious condition, prefer to wait to get rid rid of the complaints referred to itching. The bacteria in the vagina, because the skin from moisture and heat trapped is one of the most common causes of itching. Then, sometimes, the use of scented soaps, deodorants are also attractive when the skin of the vagina, the chemicals react to these products. Use of synthetic underwear is also a common culprit that causes vaginal itching. Yeast infection caused by Candida albicans is also a common causal factor for vaginal itching. often accompanied by vaginal itching, burning, redness and pain.

Way to get rid of vaginal itching

What can cause vaginal itching, there are some things you can get rid of the problem. should wear comfortable clothes and cotton underwear, avoid scented soaps to keep your genital area clean and dry to be, and safe sex practices, and clean the vagina from front to rear to prevent and treat vaginal itching. It should also be a healthy diet to keep your immune system busy, so prevention of attacks by bacteria. Drink plenty of water and liquids to kill bacteria in the system. Refined sugar, processed foods, junk food can, starch, sugar, cigarettes and alcohol aggravate itching and are harmful to health in general. The consumption of plain yogurt, garlic, cranberry juice and vinegar daily also helps in the treatment of vaginal irritation, since large anti-bacterial properties.

There are many ways to get reduced vaginal irritation. Apply the paste of garlic or a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera gel on the irritated area provides symptoms such as itching and burning. You can also mix the cider vinegar and water or tea tree oil and water and contact do on the action, the affected skin. They can not wear underwear wet. And the change after a shower if you have developed. If you have other symptoms such as bleeding, vaginal foul odor, excessive vaginal discharge, and if the discharge is yellow, you have to rule out a physical examination immediately an STD.

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