Tongue Problems: Treatment For White Spots On Tongue Of Baby

My baby is not good for the whole week and there are white patches on the tongue, do not get any idea of what to do?

The causes of white spots on tongue

The most important thing to do in this case is to call or visit to the pediatrician. In the case of very young children and babies, it is always best to take the safe route, what you see. This is particularly important given the fact that no specific medication for the child, if under one year old, you can give. That would be dangerous and unwise. If your baby is older, it's also not a good idea to try to solve the problem at home. This could serve to aggravate the situation even worse and do. In children under six months old, it is possible that the white spots are the result of a language, and often not clean. This is a fairly common problem and most parents have no idea, while dealing with it. The only way to clean the tanks of milk from a baby's mouth is a piece of cloth on the index finger and wrap it gently brushing the tongue. This should be done at least twice a day and is very effective in eliminating the breakage, which form in the language of a child was given milk. For children who are a little older, but much less than a year, this serves as a good solution. The only thing guaranteed is that the material be used should be cleaned regularly and should always be kept in hygienic conditions. Otherwise, it could be logged, the possibility of oral infection establishment

The other possibility is that the child could be infected by thrush. This is a yeast infection commonly found in children about a month or so. makes no specific reason for the contract this infection is particularly difficult to handle. It's just sometimes I find that babies can cause candidiasis on the way from the birth canal, the thrush. Other times, only because of the imbalance in the production of yeast in the body or a reaction to certain types of antibiotics for a nursing mother called. In most cases, children affected with thrush do not need treatment. It usually goes away by itself. However, if this lasts more than a week after a medical examination is absolutely necessary. Note that the babies born very low immunity, and should be done with all the guarantees minutes for your good health.

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