Swollen Jaw Lymph Nodes: Possible Cause And Natural Treatment

Why lymph nodes under the jaw and behind the ear often swell?

The causes of swollen nymph nodes

A lymph node is a very important part of the human immune system. It is in several parts of the body present. Its function is to act as a cleansing of the body, filtering out impurities from the body. Lymph nodes are also useful in diagnostic medicine. The swollen lymph nodes, in particular, can include a key to the diagnosis of a doctor, the patient's condition. In such situations, the lymph nodes may swell or pain. Lymphadenopathy was placed on simple illnesses such as sore throat and complex conditions, including cancer.

Lymph nodes are distributed throughout the human body in various areas, including the head, chest, arms and legs. In the case of swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, we are dealing with sub-mandibular 'lymph nodes. These nodes are found throughout the length of the jaw used to be available on every page and let the drainage structures the base of the mouth.

Treatment for swollen nymph nodes

This initial funding is recommended to avoid moving the region, unless absolutely necessary. Use a hot compress on the area as a hot water bottle or a towel soaked in warm water in the area. Press firmly on the affected part, but not in a way that causes pain. Keep them in town for a few minutes. The relief was felt immediately, but not for long. This process will help stimulate blood circulation in the area, the problem in a few days can be corrected.

A strong recommendation of a jaw with enlarged lymph nodes should be avoided, too cold fluids. Excessive cold can unwanted pain in the area. One drink is recommended for your condition is stable in hot water, lemon juice, lemonade or hot. Lemon contains vitamin C which is important for overall body health. Another home remedy is to apply castor oil in the region. This will also contribute to the effect of inflammation.

Castor oil has caused to be highly effective in reducing the size and pain of the lymph nodes. Apply castor oil twice daily and massage the area gently, but not aggressive. Always keep in mind that the pressure for the massage depends on the perception of pain when the massage. Aggressive rubbing can cause further damage zone and increase the pain yet.

If the node does not heal over a period of three or four days, please see your doctor for a thorough analysis.

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