Stuffy Head Home Remedies – How To Get Relief Of Head Congestion

My head is stuffy and runny nose, fatigue and fever, not a means to better?

A clogged head usually the result of a cold or an allergy to dust or pollen. If you have a stuffy head and also have a fever, you may have symptoms of flu or sinusitis. In fact, even if wet hair for a long period of time, increasing traffic congestion in the head so that his condition deteriorated. The intake of vitamin C can help reduce your symptoms. You can drink large amounts of orange juice (not cold of course), or you can use vitamin C tablets

Home remedies for stuffy head and cold

One of the most effective home remedies is the vapor inhalation of vapor. Boil a pot of water and pour into a dish or bowl. Then bend your head over the pot of boiling water to make sure your head with a towel to that of escaping steam, and inhale the steam deeply. This unclog the nose to relieve stuffy head and nose. If you have a stuffy head, you should use a steam bath or sauna. To enhance the effect of steam bath, add a little eucalyptus oil in the area before starting. Eucalyptus oil penetrates the cold, and decreases congestion. In addition to steam and saunas, you might also try taking a hot shower after a bit of eucalyptus oil on the head and chest. This opens the pores and opens the sinuses, and fast.

Drink plenty of fluids is very effective in the fight against the head and nasal congestion. Be sure to drink something hot or warm water for half an hour. This is one of the best ways to help your condition. The water dilutes the mucus to distribute your body. This will reduce the humidity in your head and nose. Also, try to drink hot ginger tea, ginger uncover the nostrils. Soup, especially cream of chicken soup or chicken broth is an ideal tool for congestion. Besides soup, there are many other healing foods that congestion. Spicy foods and helps run the nose, clearing mucus. Onions, if consumed or inhaled to relieve congestion, as their odor acts as a decongestant and clear the nose.

Before going to bed, sleeping with your head up, adding another pillow under your head. The feeling clogged can not improve dramatically, but you can breathe easier in one. Use a humidifier to moisten the air in your room at night could also reassure their condition. Make sure your room is not cold and coat well. Get adequate rest is essential since the system helps recover faster.

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