Stinging Nettle Treatment – Home Cure For Skin Rashes And Reactions

Makes the reaction after stings of nettles

Many plants have a natural ability to produce poison to protect themselves from external attacks. Nettle, also known as stinging nettle is a herbaceous plant. It is a very often found that plants do not grow too high from the ground and in contact with someone easy. Almost all natural outdoor habitats these nettles. And when in contact with the nettle, you could start with some painful allergic reactions. Even the patient will experience skin rashes and irritation and redness in a small contact area in contact with stinging nettle, nettle. Ortigas actually a little bit hollow and brittle hair like all the issues of their stems. This layer of hair contain and release a large amount of histamine (which is also medically proven to treat certain inflammatory diseases), inflammatory and creates redness, irritation and can cause a burning sensation in the affected area of the bite. The burning and irritation can be explained by the secretion of mucus and inflammation of the root in the area of the skin due to histamine.

Home Treatment For Sting Nettles

Nettle Allergies can not very serious damage to a person, but soon burning irritation and visit long enough to avoid. Home remedies for allergies natural herbs have anti-inflammatory properties. The person should clean the affected area gently with a clean cloth or towel and apply, instead of starting to rub. Do not touch the affected area, as some waste could also spread to other parts of the body. Once the area is cleaned, you can apply aloe vera on the wound as a paste or gel strength provides effective anti-inflammatory. You can also apply baking soda or vinegar gently on the wound to reduce irritation and inflammation.

Alternatively, you can try hot baths, to reduce to a burning sensation. It is said that a paste of garlic with a little added, along with some ginger and applied to the affected area to relieve pain and allergic reaction of the mother. A certain amount of honey or lemon juice to the wound can also help relieve pain. Lemon juice, above all, defend the histamine and other acids, which may have been transferred to the skin while in contact with the nettle. Also other alkaline products such as lettuce, cucumber can be easily applied to the wound to relieve irritation and burning.

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