Sore Gums Remedies: Causes Of Swollen Gums And Homemade Treatments

The causes of sore gums

Painful gums are a very painful condition that suffers, and that implies a lack of oral health. There are a number of gum disease, says it may cause pain in the gums and are a common occurrence in adults. Gingivitis is an infection caused by bacteria, inflammation of the gums, ultimately, weaken the teeth does not weaken. This is mainly the result of tartar, which is present inside the gums. Gingivitis is characterized by bleeding gums, as it is followed by his main symptom. If the infection is not treated, can lead to severe complications. Painful gums can also result from a tooth that is coming at the wrong angle because it is blocked and must be extracted by a dentist, have a cause. Injury to teeth or gums with the consequences of a hard object is another reason for the gums. Painful gums may also be a reference to oral cancer, since it is one of the first symptoms. Painful gums should not be overlooked and will be addressed immediately.

Homemade treatment for sore gums

It must enter into a regular habit of brushing teeth twice daily and after eating. You should also know the correct way to floss so that all germs and bacteria that can reside wash between your teeth and gums. Add one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with mouth wide, as they say, to relieve pain. Apply an ice pack by wrapping ice in a towel and put it on the painful area. Baking soda is a natural means to heal the gums tired. You can of baking powder mixed with water make a paste and apply it to their gums. However, make sure you do nothing, as this can scratch some rubber. You can use a warm tea bag on the gums feels like a place to relieve pain, because tannins in tea, which includes acts as a bitter and has great healing power. It is recommended that you do not create, massage gums, as it can continue to exacerbate the problem of discomforts. However, if the pain of a lot or cover the bleeding does not stop, it is best to ask your doctor and take appropriate action.

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