Smelly Flatulence Causes – How To Get Rid Of Excessive Gas

I have very smelly flatulence and discharge causes burning hot how to get rid of it?

The causes of smelly flatulence

Flatulence is the spontaneous discharge of air through the anal sphincter, which is caused as a result of gas created in the intestinal tract. This gas can with the problems of nutrition, digestion problems, or due to intake of breath through the mouth. When food in the respiratory tract, we tend to cough and it is impossible. can, however, when the air in the digestive tract, is performed only in the stomach and the excess air in the stomach, fermentation in the digestion of some foodstuffs, enters. Where the shares referred bloating, this is the poor digestion of some foods that are too difficult to digest or contain components that are not on the person, the digestive system are likely to be caused. People who have lactose intolerance will be affected by the flatulence when they consume food containing lactose, or milk. Flatulence can also result following a poor diet. If you eat a heavy meal, you can not digest properly, leading to flatulence. You may suffer from bloating after eating a meal too hot. Some people simply can not digest food if it contains a lot of spices, and this can lead to swelling. This type of wind caused a burning sensation for pepper in the digestive system. If you suffer from this type of gas, the stool will make you feel a burning sensation around the anus.

Tips to avoid smelly flatulence

You can use a series of simple tips to prevent swelling. First, the focus should be on the menu. Some foods tend to cause or aggravate the problem of flatulence. This includes lactose-based foods, beans, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. There are many other foods that can cause swelling and your doctor about which foods are most adversely affected. Also, you should consult your doctor if you are lactose intolerant. If this is the case, your system susceptible to indigestion of food, which usually cause no problem. Try increasing your intake of dietary fiber as you, because its digestion by calming foods more smoothly through the intestines. Avoid hot foods and greasy, is cured until the swelling. If you are not lactose intolerant, can yogurt for dessert, try this as calming the stomach. Surprisingly well-cooked lean meat tends to bind the stomach and can be done with flatulence, if this is caused by an upset stomach.

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