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Sensitive and dry lips causes: Please advise Dry Lips Remedies?

Sensitive and causes dry lips – vitamin deficiencies

Dry and sensitive lips are a common problem, but can be very painful and uncomfortable. The skin of the lips rather dry and cracked due to exposure to extreme weather events. In addition, smoking may be an excessive caffeine consumption, the allergic reactions to certain cosmetics and even vitamin deficiencies cause dry lips. When lips are dry, they tend to be very painful and may even bleed. It is therefore important to minimize licking his lips, because it aggravated the situation. This leads to more dry and cracked lips. It is also important to remove dry skin on the lips, as this will prevent sensitive skin on your lips and the damage it can cause scarring. While ensuring the maintenance of your home dry lips, which are wet by drinking plenty of water. This is the first step and more effective in curing dry lips. In addition, maintaining a healthy diet also goes a long way to reduce stress and helps the skin. Vitamin A is very healing for skin that is necessary and important to increase your intake of vitamin A. You can have a healthy and nutritious drink at home by mixing carrot juice, spinach juice, tomato juice, wheat germ and watercress.

Add a little yeast, and drink once a day will help heal dry lips. Another precaution to take is necessary to put a lip balm with sunscreen to protect lips from sunburn, as it also brings dry and cracked lips.

Dry Lips Remedies – Cure dry lips with the main treatment

There are several ways to treat dry lips, to remain at home. You can extract from the leaves of neem application on the lip of emergency assistance. Aloe vera is another great cure for dry lips. Rub a little aloe vera gel directly on the lips for relief. Place a slice of cucumber in her mouth to soothe and heal the skin. Do not use harsh makeup for lips. These products may be the lips of all the moisture from SAP, making them sensitive and dry. The application of some hot ghee on lips every night to help heal dry lips immediately. Another effective remedy to cure dry lips is to apply the glycerine on the lips. Glycerine contribute to mouth soft and supple again. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water and apply on the lips twice daily to help treat dry lips.

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