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There are a large number of women to seek the answer to the question of whether the transaction without a bra is comfortable or not. Thousands of women to put on the other hand, never a question because it is so comfortable with the use of a bra when companies do not have physical activity such as walking. The main use of a bra to support and shape of the breasts well, so you feel comfortable with your body and your way of being built.

In considering the question of whether or not wearing a bra for running, it is important to check out how good it feels, with not wearing a bra at all. Sometimes, the type of bra that could make you use a certain degree of discomfort, especially if you take a physical task that requires a lot of breathing and movement of the diaphragm. To feel even more comfortable and give your breasts the support they need during a period of exercise is recommended to use a sports bra. Sports bras have no under wire for shaping, but are elastic in nature and have enough space for comfortable wearing. They also protect the body from tearing of the tissues occur in the breast, which can pivot by movement and clapping her breasts, while eliminating the strain on your back and neck. They are also more absorbent than regular bras sweat and give it a feel more comfortable.

It is also important that women are aware that wearing a bra long known to increase the risk of breast cancer. Recent studies have shown that women who wear a bra day and night breast cancer more often than women who developed a bra for twelve hours or less wear. The reason is that the pressure exerted by the fastener to the lymph nodes in the chest, they tend to give rise to swell and retain the toxins, leading to the development of complications. The final decision to wear a bra or not depends on you. We must assess the situation and then decide for yourself if you feel comfortable with or without a bra. Shirts are bras to make a choice. There are close and gives you plenty of room for comfort, without them consciously wearing a bra.

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