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I had a complete hysterectomy in February there is still odor with discharge due to infection caused by bacteria in March, please, any suggestions?

A hysterectomy is an operation performed to remove the uterus with one or both ovaries can be removed. Hysterectomy is of two kinds, that when a total abdominal hysterectomy and hysterectomy surgery eliminated in this case the uterus through the vagina. cause some of the reasons for surgery include excessive uterine bleeding, anemia, growth of fibroids, which may not cancerous, but may be irregular and excessive bleeding or suspected cancer. The complications and infections after surgery to do, but can be treated, most of them and most of which occur within 2-3 weeks after the operation. But that does not mean that complications may occur more. In fact, one can not exclude the possibility of trouble after a few months after the operation, but this is usually an uncommon scenario. Vaginal discharge is normal after a hysterectomy and going for some time with vaginal odor. It is necessary, but consult your doctor on the same lot and not rely on home remedies. There is always a possibility, with the indication of a serious disease that can lead to many complications and it is therefore advisable to review.

Side effects remedies for removal of the uterus

Otherwise, take care of yourself and make sure you eat healthy. To make garlic a part of their regular diet, as it is a wonderful herb to fight the infection better and also helps reduce the symptoms of infection. You must have the yogurt and honey on a daily basis, both antibacterial properties, the rejection of help to contain infections. Soy is another food that is well known that a number of health benefits have and will help in the treatment of vaginal infections. Drink plenty of cranberry juice as this helps to eliminate bacteria in the body. Make sure you have 100 percent natural cranberry juice with no additives, such is not the desired result and blueberry also complements the work is not enough. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water, which helps eliminate bacteria. To prevent further infection of the vagina and the smell is very important that you stay clean and maintain personal hygiene. Wash your hands clean every day, if you do and your underwear should wear cotton underwear because they are comfortable.

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