Remedies For Chest Congestion: How To Get Rid Of Mucus In Chest

Tightness in the chest is an uncomfortable condition in which the lungs fill with mucus and other fluids. Chest tightness is often accompanied by a cough, which the body has accumulated mucus. Chest tightness may be due to fungal infections, viral or bacterial upper respiratory tract. Sometimes it can also be due to a severe allergic reaction. Some of the most common symptoms are cough, chest congestion, sore throat, phlegm and a runny or stuffy nose. A person suffering from a severe case of chest tightness is probably the lack of breath, wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Natural Remedies for chest tightness

As a fairly common condition, tightness in the chest is not always necessary to visit a doctor and can easily be cured with natural home remedies. A common ingredient found in many natural remedies to get rid of mucus bulb. A mixture of two onions, thinly sliced fried, and then with two teaspoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of curry powder can do wonders for this disease. Onions contain sulfur and querectin to break the mucus in the airways. The curry powder also helps to loosen mucus.

Instead of using the above recipe, you can use an envelope of onion, adding just one fry onions, then wrapped in pieces of cloth and beat them. Rags should correctly fill the onion juices. This envelope should then be applied to his chest.

Another way to get rid of mucus in the chest is caused by drinking hot tea. This not only relieves the sore throat, but also loosens and dissolves phlegm. Therefore, drinking herbal tea could give instant relief. Besides the above means that a hot steam can give immediate relief. However, there are to do it the right way by boiling water in a bowl and let cool for several minutes. You can then lean over the bowl and cover your face and head with a towel, so that the water vapor around you catch. This exercise should be between five to ten minutes a few times to take the day for best results.

However, if a bad cough, chest tightness or phlegm suffer or have seen no improvement after trying a few resources, it is best to visit the doctor for a long time.

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