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Is it common for people to severe pneumonia after undergoing surgery?

There are certain risks associated with the administration of anesthesia, and the development of infections and other conditions common after surgery. However, a lung infection after surgery, a rare event. Studies have shown that only after surgery from pneumonia thousand individuals. The condition usually develops due to the amount of anesthesia that the patient has been issued. Infections that develop after surgery, are usually not classified as serious or fatal. However, the conditions were caused by chemicals, should not be neglected. Despite advances in medical technology and methods is the fact that postoperative pneumonia continues rather unhappy. But the important point here is that there is only a local anesthetic, which is specifically maintained in certain areas of the body that is associated with the disease. General anesthesia is not known to lead to such infections.

Effects of anesthetics pneumonia after surgery

In addition to pneumonia, may lead to other common conditions such as cold and cough as a side effect of anesthesia. Certain lung infections may also develop. In some cases, infections develop in the airways. These are not ordinary events, however. Infections occur after the procedure only if you have an inadequate management of chemicals. Generally, the lung inflammation that occurs after surgery is not too serious. Mild shortages may develop in the chest, accompanied by cough and cold medications. low-grade fever may also occur. The individual may also feel a little cold and the pulse rate can increase significantly. If, however, suffered severe pain in the chest or, if this is a dark stained sputum when you cough, you should consult a doctor immediately. If the person is already under control, it is advisable to stay in the hospital until the condition is completely healed. If symptoms are not treated immediately, may worsen and may develop complications.

After surgery, the individual's immune system is not as effective and whether the infection during this time, which can spread and worsen. As such, remaining under medical supervision is recommended until doctors confirmed that the infection is gone. It can be difficult in the postoperative care for a long time due to financial and personal consequences associated with their stay. But the most important thing to remember is that nothing is as important as health. Therefore it is better to be cautious and take steps to recover fully.

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