Pilonidal Cyst Treatment – How To Prevent Frequent Tailbone Cyst

What happens if I ignore tailbone cyst?

A cyst on the tailbone is also known as pilonidal cyst. It's like a "leather pouch, hair contains small amounts of infected tissue and debris and abnormal skin. This cyst is usually near the tailbone, just above the back neck, where the tail ends away.

These cysts are more common in men than in women and are more common in people aged between 15 and 24 found.

A pilonidal cyst is usually harmless, but if infected, could lead to drainage of fluids (blood and pus), inflammation, redness and severe pain. This is usually accompanied with a foul smelling fluid discharge. If you do not have the time of pilonidal cyst treated, could also lead to an abscess, infection or pain. Sometimes it might also lead to high fever, but this is not very common.

Treatment for pilonidal cyst

If a chronic relapsing cyst in the tail is left untreated or if treatment is not successful, could a type of cancer known as squamous result. To determine the seriousness of his illness, a medical examination to avoid further complications.

Most skin Pilonidal cysts are caused by loose hair entry. The use of tight clothing, ride a bike for long periods, the friction of the skin and feels much time you have your hair in the strength of ingrowth of the skin. Your body treats it as a foreign body hair and forms a cyst around it.

These cysts can also occur due to – obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, poor hygiene, excessive body hair, sitting for long periods or excessive sweating. Sometimes a pilonidal cyst is a hair follicle that ruptured, which may cause due to sudden stretching of the skin.

A cyst can prevent your coccyx tailbone are regular remove hair from the buttocks and surrounding areas.

If you have a cyst on the tailbone, which have already been infected, which may require surgery when the doctor who is open and drain the cyst. In the case of cyst you have is time and again, the doctor may ask you to go to complete lancing device, removing the cyst along with some of the tissues surrounding the provision of services.

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  1. You can also use garlic and honey as a paste for pilonidal cyst. Take some good raw honey. Add the juice of one clove of garlic. Mix together and VOILA, you have a seriously potent pilonidal cyst anti inflammatory mask.

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