Numbness In Body: Right Side | Pain In Arm | Dizziness | Brain

Numbness in the body, numbness on the right side of the body? What should I do?

Numbness on the right side of the body – the head dizzy

The numbness and pain in one side of the body appears as a serious symptom. It would be wise to immediately consult a doctor for an MRI and CT scan. You did not mention if the pain only in the head or the whole side of the body, so that this symptom is due to be subject to various conditions could. Symptoms such as numbness on one side of the body, the weakness of the face, arm or leg, difficulty in articulating, understanding, sudden confusion, transient visual disturbances, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination and sudden severe signs of pain warning head could be a stroke and seek immediate medical attention.

Numbness of the brain

Symptoms can also indicate problems with a simple attitude, when standing, sitting or sleeping. The fact that blood flow properly in the body can cause numbness, especially when nerves are crushed. Sitting or standing for long periods can prevent the supply of blood to various parts of the body and this can cause a blunting of nerve endings in the extremities. The numbness is temporary and should begin with a change of attitude. If your head moves to his side while sleeping and when you put your arm under his head while resting, can numbness, which expires in 15-20 minutes. If you are a smoker, a habit can affect blood circulation and causes of deafness as well. Light exercises to help facilitate the body, although this is no excuse to stop, do not smoke.

When you have other symptoms of migraine can be acute, the cause of numbness in the face of suffering tongue and other limbs. Severe headache, dizziness and vision problems are some of the symptoms of the disease, which will provide information to a physician for a diagnosis. Meanwhile, you can consume a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and whole wheat bread, is all attacks. The grape juice consumed several times a day is also known to help. Raw garlic is cooked or anything useful to your diet. rich in vitamin C with bioflavonoids Foods is an essential part of your daily diet as numbness and headaches, cardiovascular problems are preventable. primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood vessels can still be a massage and pinched her on the head. Avoid going to direct sunlight in a dark and quiet sleep headache when dealing with the development of a migraine.

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