Leg Blisters Due To Poor Blood Circulation – Symptoms And Home Treatment

I have blisters on my leg because of my poor circulation problem, you can beat a home treatment for both?

blisters legs and circulatory problems are correlated, in a poor circulation in the legs, leading to the formation of bubbles, where the tissue in ulcerated skin from lack of blood supply to get bad. The bubbles are a small pouch that is included in the liquid to the upper layers of the skin. The bubbles are usually caused by damage to the skin as sunburn, friction or corrosion of the skin or exposure to cold, pinch and a balance. There are other diseases or medical conditions may lead to cause blisters. They are chicken pox, eczema and dermatitis, just to name a few. The use of high-heeled shoes or shoes that fit well is also a common cause of blisters. The main cause of circulation problem is peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Other causes of bad blood in the leg may be due to obesity, poor diet, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, high cholesterol and so on. Diabetics are more likely to get blisters than others. bubbles of the legs may or may not be painful, but sometimes can cause a burning sensation or itching. Symptoms include a rash, redness or brown discoloration of skin dry and flaky.

Treatment for blood circulation

The first and most important is to identify the cause of poor blood circulation, and then treatment. The bubbles can be controlled by using good quality comfortable shoes that fit. Try to avoid, and sits in cramped conditions for long periods and legs moving. Avoid alcohol and snuff altogether. A healthy diet and exercise can go a long way in containing the situation. Drink plenty of fluids and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C improves circulation especially guava, red peppers, broccoli, all fruits and vegetables especially green leafy vegetables. If you are overweight, it is advisable that you shed on it, an approach that is another reason for poor blood circulation and weight loss also helps in the healing of foot blisters. To improve blood circulation in the legs, take two buckets, one with hot water and salt, and the other filled with cold water. First, you can enjoy your legs into the pan of hot water for a minute and then in cold water for 30 seconds. Do you think this basis a day for 8 to 10 minutes. In the case of bubbles deteriorate, it is advisable to consult a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

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