Laryngitis Cure: How Can I Get Back My Voice Back Without Doctor

What causes laryngitis

Laryngitis is only the State in its throat irritated or inflamed. This can occur by many factors, and leads to loss of voice or hoarseness are caused. Laryngitis can be caused by an infection such as influenza virus or other bacterial or fungal infections. Your throat may also be used, which turns on them. This is caused when you or scream too. Other external factors such as smoking and alcohol also can cause. Laryngitis may also occur during food intake. When you choke on something, the natural cough reflex. Sometimes, excessive coughing can irritate the larynx and cause laryngitis.

Some symptoms of laryngitis

A person suffering from laryngitis, symptoms such as cough, sore throat and flu-like symptoms. Laryngitis may also cause the person suffering from flu and this is accompanied by fever and body aches. Coughing is a symptom of laryngitis, but also a cause of it. This could be one reason why it takes time for the condition to be cured, and his condition steadily deteriorated.

Home remedy for laryngitis

The main treatment for laryngitis is to turn the vocal cords are the rest. Do not speak or mourn as they suffer the symptoms. No smoking or inhaling smoke, stay in an environment as clean as possible. Strictly avoid cold drinks and alcoholic beverages, cola drinks. Colas contain caffeine, which is not recommended if you have laryngitis. They also contain other ingredients that dry the throat and irritation of the rule. Precisely to avoid this. Alcohol should be avoided.

The most common home remedies for laryngitis is gurgling. Do this in a glass of warm water mixed with salt. Gargle at least twice a day stop on an empty stomach (reflux of food). You can also add some other vegetables to the gurgle of water as a hint of eucalyptus. Consumption of hot beverages like herbal tea. Herbal teas that many ingredients that can help heal the larynx.

In the case of chronic laryngitis may need careful diet and drink plenty of hot liquids stick while avoiding unnecessary talking. The diet should include foods easier to swallow. A few days after this treatment can lead to an improvement of the system. Some people suffering from laryngitis, the special drink they consume. If this is the case with you, then avoid it altogether.

If your symptoms are flu-like symptoms, accompanied, or do not see any improvement even after 4 days of treatment, a visit to your doctor would be essential.

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