Itchy Thighs | Groin: Why My Thigh And Groin Get Itchy And Chapped

The causes of itching in the groin and thigh

Itching and discomfort in the groin and inner thigh consists of a condition known as jock itch feature. The medical term for jock itch, jock itch. Results jock itch because of a fungal skin infection. The fungus T. rubrum usually played in warm and humid areas of the body like the groin, thighs, buttocks and genitals. This is not to be harmful or very serious condition, but can cause significant discomfort for the individual, there is intense itching in pruritus and scratching of the area is worse because it can cause more infections. The symptoms appear in people who sweat excessively, the worse and those who are overweight themselves.

Irritation and cracks around the inner thigh and groin, may also occur due to friction between clothing and skin of this area. Continue rubbing the skin can cause redness, itching and sensitivity. In the case of jock itch is already present, such as constant friction can worsen symptoms. For complaints both jock itch and rub the skin, proper hygiene of the area has developed very important. The skin is also kept dry at all times to accumulate, so do not sweat and dirt.

Treatments for itching

People affected with jock itch should avoid wearing underwear and clothes that are too narrow. The humidity and moisture provide an ideal environment for bacteria, and as such it is advisable to wear cotton clothing because it absorbs sweat. Jock itch is a contagious infection, and avoid sharing personal items such as clothing and towels with others. Clothes should be washed regularly with warm water after use. If possible, change your underwear twice a day. The infections can also worsen by eating foods such as carbohydrates, sugars and processed products. Improve your immune system by eating lots of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Maintaining good hygiene in cleaning the affected areas with antibacterial soap. Dry the groin and inner thighs thoroughly before using the clothes. Make sure the area dry and not very hard in the process of friction could worsen the situation. You can also add some tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, the affected areas after drying. This will help reduce irritation and to contain the infection. Make a paste of garlic and honey can be used in the affected areas either. Immersion in a bath of salt water is very effective in alleviating an infection. Among the symptoms are severe, you should consult a physician.

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