Intestinal Parasites Worms During Pregnancy – Symptoms And Treatment

I'm pregnant, what if I have symptoms pinworms?

There are some parasites that are normally found in the intestines of humans, such as nematodes, tapeworms, flatworms, round and hookworms. These worms can infect the intestines of various reasons such as – lack of hygiene, eating contaminated food, living conditions, and so on. Some common symptoms are the presence of intestinal parasites – weight loss, constipation or diarrhea, the formation of dark circles, bad breath, anemia, vomiting, nausea and inflammation in the lung and intestine. This problem can be treated with the drug, taking the following measures and strict hygiene.

For the treatment of intestinal parasites

However, if you are pregnant, it is important to tell your doctor before starting any treatment or try any home remedy. The presence of worms and her baby stolen nutrients and should be held as soon as possible. Based on the type of worms that can vary the treatment. In addition, the worms take longer to get rid of, like the use of certain medications should not be allowed during pregnancy. In fact, there should be a home remedy that is supposed to be safely undertaken only after receiving the green light with your doctor. You can check with your doctor for the following:

  • Garlic is very effective against intestinal worms. Chew a piece of raw garlic before and after each meal.
  • Carrots are a great way to get rid of intestinal worms. Make it a point to drink a glass of carrot juice daily, the first thing in the morning.
  • Drinking a beer with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and each raw papaya juice, mixed in a glass of water
  • Do you have a spoonful of mixed pumpkin seeds every day, twice a day for two weeks. This agent is a compound that kills the parasite, and is especially effective on tapeworms.
  • Wash the stems, roots and bark of a grenade and mix to make a drink. Does this drink every day, twice a day until the body get rid of the worms. This funding will also help maintain a healthy stomach.
  • An herb such as worms can be very effective, well known in the elimination of intestinal parasites. Take an infusion of the herb twice a day, every day.

During pregnancy, intestinal worms should not be ignored or treated lightly, because they can be very harmful and dangerous. You have this problem as soon as possible to try to prevent damage to the fetus. Have your doctor before trying to obtain the consent of each household remedy and consult a doctor immediately if symptoms persist.

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