Ear Pimples | Boils – Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimples In Ear

My niece 7 years ago, complaining of ear pain, the pain is not the infection that look like pimples or boils that is in the ear, what to do?

It is very common for children suffering from pimples or bumps in the ear. Blackheads Although usually on the face when entering the neck or back, which means not only taking place outside of, if it relates to the ear. Often breaks in the channel just very painful for the child. In general, due to the formation of earwax or an ear infection, the child scratches his ears with his finger nails caused irritation to the skin. As the nails are dirty, scratching leads to irritation and infection lead to a boil or pimple in the ear. When a boil bursts, the surrounding skin becomes red and sensitive. The rash then becomes infected and fills with pus. This causes pain to the victim. The pain disappears when the cooking or the sewer system causes pimples to reduce swelling. You need to ensure that the scratches on his niece did not explode in the kitchen or can lead to infection. You should also keep their ears clean so no infection, when it explodes the shin.

Home remedies for pimples in the ear

You can build the ear of his niece by mixing boiling water while still warm and hydrogen peroxide to clean the same amount. Let the solution for about five minutes after instillation remains in the ear and then ask, can flow into the water, turning his head about. These will get rid of the wax, which are the leading cause of great benefit. After the liquid is drained, you can five drops of olive oil and a drop of Neem oil and mix to instil three drops of this mixture in the ear. Neem has medicinal properties that stand in the healing of pimples that help with pain relief. You can also use two teaspoons of mustard oil and add half a teaspoon of carom seeds and two cloves of garlic. Heat the oil until garlic turns red. Strain the oil and let cool. Use it as ear drops. Another way to relieve pain caused by the grains would collect a warm washcloth on the child's ear. Do not use too much pressure on the ear. This causes the pus to the cooking surface burst. Clean the ear with an earphone and apply turmeric powder is. To prevent this from happening again, make sure the wax does not accumulate again in the ear of his niece.

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