Cut On Lip Treatment: How To Heal Cut Lip And Prevent Infection

A person suffering a cut lip chipping due to an injury or a tooth. Remedies for a split lip can only be recommended if it is a simple cut on the surface and not a deep wound. In the case of a deep wound, stitches are the only treatment. The first thing you need to remember for the treatment of a cut lip, make sure it is dry at all times. We should avoid licking their lips or washing your face too often. Wounds heal faster when they are dry. In the case of minor injuries, not often need to do something about it. The body deposits of collagen fibers (the substance that is the skin) around court. However, it is important to avoid damaging the seals on the court.

Natural remedies for chapped lips

To bring relief from the court and prevent scarring, can be covered with a bandage. To speed up the healing process can put a bit of turmeric in the association. Turmeric is used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medication. Use as an ointment on the dressing, might some turmeric on the active side of the patch also. Rub a slice of fresh cucumber is cut lip heal the hurt and the sting, take the court. Moreover, the application of aloe vera gel will also be helpful. This product is soothing to the skin and also acts as an antiseptic turmeric. A thin layer of toothpaste can also be applied at bedtime, which took place at night and wash the next morning to cure the injury. The menthol in the toothpaste will bring pain relief. If you include toothpaste, aloe vera gel can obtain the healing process faster.

Out of these funds, you have to avoid milk products like butter or margarine, and oil content in these aggravate the wound rather than heal. You should also not meant to creams for external wounds. These contain chemicals that may be harmful if swallowed.

Equally important in the prevention of infections caused by bacteria. Apply tea tree oil to disinfect the cut. Note that this oil is very strong and can sting. To mix with aloe vera gel or water before use. Drinking ginger tea and fever to prevent about three times a day, for inflammation of the mouth and wound healing is also done.

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