Chronic Constipation Treatment | Slow Digestion | Stomach Bloat

The causes of constipation and flatulence

No chronic constipation, slow digestion, and a feeling of swelling has to go together. To resolve these problems, the most important need is to first establish the real cause. This probably may be due to a stomach problem, therefore, the need is to first solve this problem. In most cases, these symptoms and this condition is likely to influence a person due to poor nutrition and diet plans very unhealthy. Even a sedentary lifestyle and loose, which is currently empty exercise or too little can cause these problems are repeated over and over again. Sometimes these conditions can also be birth control. Constipation is rare as the inability or the adoption of the chair, is defined. Sometimes, the stool also hardened to such an extent that disclosure of this chair can cause severe pain and discomfort. Sometimes, cases of chronic or severe constipation can lead to developing other serious diseases, the same can be painful and difficult to bear. Some of those conditions such as hemorrhoids, constipation, stools, anal fissures, and occasionally produced an increased risk of colon cancer.

Treatment of constipation and bloating

Chronic constipation may be accompanied by flatulence very stressful and can affect a person's work and daily lives. Chronic constipation can be treated with various home remedies. Some of the common resources are increased fluid intake person tremendously. The person with this condition and should drink plenty of juices. This will help hydrogenated good in the sense of their systems and avoid the formation of hard stools. Inadequate fluid intake has been shown to directly related to severe constipation problems. Another remedy is to improve a person food to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This helps in providing the essential fiber that helps a lot to keep the stool soft and painless as well. Try prunes or encumber all to eat. This is a good tool for patients with constipation. Regardless of some figs soaked in water to try and keep overnight. The next morning, eating figs and drinking this water also, which are soaked in. It also helps in the treatment of constipation problems. Try to drink cider at regular intervals. A diet high in fiber is very important for people with this disease. It is also essential to get plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Can be activities such as hiking, jogging, swimming, etc., are very beneficial. Also encouraged to dance.

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