Chalazion Treatment | Stye Remedies – Get Rid Of Eye Styes At Home

Since the formation of Chalazion

A chalazion is a cyst that occurs in the upper eyelid, usually the upper lid and not because of an infection, but because of the sebaceous glands that are blocked. Not a very nice show, and besides, it really hurts, that add much to the annoyance you can. It looks like a small bump, which is generally difficult and can go on your own or sometimes disappear for months or even years. A chalazion is most of the time for a grain of barley mixed and you should know that there is one and the same. The symptoms of a chalazion are swelling in the eyelid, eyelids, which are extremely sensitive to see, his eyelids heavy and always turn your eyes sensitive to light. The reason to get that can not be first to remove eye makeup at night by oil, which is collected makeup in the glands, which are attributed to their training.

Home treatment for Chalazion

A number of remedies you can try and treat the home, Chalazion, there is a slight chance that it will occur again. Enjoy a towel in hot water, squeeze out excess water and apply the fabric of the chalazion and continue to do this about 4 times a day for at least two weeks. This would help, Chalazion shrink and finally full. Sun how not to worry about with a pimple on the face, chalazion there are exceptions, and not even think of a rest, press, rub or scratch worse than the state. In addition, you no longer need eye makeup applied to his chalazion heals. You need to ensure personal hygiene and make it a point to wash your hands every time they contact the eye. This would help reduce your chances of infection. You can cook a few acacia leaves in about 2 cups of water and use it as a compressive force on the eyelid, it will help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Be sure to wash the eyes and barley grain of any incidence of cysts or future. In any case, you feel all too often the barley in the eye, you should check how the doctor might actually a hailstone.

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