Broken Toenail – Natural Cures To Treat Injured And Swollen Toe

My toenail was broken, apart from the base, how to deal with broken finger nails and relieve the pain?

How to treat a toe nail torn

A toenail is separated from the nail bed is a common problem. This is because the risk of injury to the toes, ingrown toe nail and toenail fungus. Even athletes suffer from this problem often his fingers constantly rub their shoes. A nail takes about six months to grow back completely, but because the toenail is completely broken, will grow rapidly. Meanwhile, you must ensure that they do not acquire an infection in them. It would be nice if you applied an antiseptic ointment and bandaged with tape or the foot of the. Therefore, further injury, dirt and germs at bay is carried out. For pain and swelling, you can take a little crushed ice in a plastic bag and apply it on my finger for about 20 minutes every two hours. But surely place a thin cloth bag to prevent direct contact between the skin and rough ice. Do this for about three days and then if you are experiencing pain and swelling. Another way to relieve swelling that is easy to believe in his heart, so blood does not accumulate in a region. You can do this by two or three pillows under your feet.

Clean your toenails with a clean cotton cloth dampened with warm water. Avoid soap on the injury. You have the feet as dry as possible as moisture can keep the wound festering. After cleaning the toenail, apply a little turmeric powder in him a speedy recovery. Turmeric is also used as antiseptic of work. It is advisable to wear open shoes lease until the nail grows back, because the humidity of the environment and also prevents the rubbing of the toes against the shoe can be avoided. Try not to stand or walk too much for about three days. When the fraction of nail fungus toenail occurs, apply a mixture of tea tree oil and water or tea tree oil and aloe vera gel on the infected toe. This will act as antifungal and treatment of toenail. Another method is to use apple cider vinegar in it. A problem that one faces when the nail is growing back ingrown toenails, which means that the nail grows at an oblique way. This condition can be painful and look ugly. To avoid this, if your nail grows back, if what you always distorted, lift the side of the nail and place a small piece of cotton or gauze between the nail and skin. Change the cotton daily.

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