Anus Lumps: What Are The Possibilities Of Having Lump Around Anus

I have in my anus, fixed a month, joins elsewhere around the anus is haemorrhoids or something?

Possible causes of the mass anus

The first, what to do if you have lumps in the anus is to consult your doctor. You can, regardless of whether you suffer from hemorrhoids by a physician who has had the opportunity to physically examine can be diagnosed. In any case, there are certain symptoms of hemorrhoids, which are quite common. They are listed here and you can see if you have one. The first is that if a patient suffers from hemorrhoids, it can cause open sores in the anal area. They also may bleed, sometimes significantly, whereas in the feces. The body's natural reaction would be to block the passage of stool, so that the patient is likely to end up with a great effort. This may give rise to nerve endings broken in the opening of the anus. They are often called hemorrhoids are particularly painful and totally invisible to the naked eye because they are internal cracks. But one can easily notice, as they swell in size small nodule. The troubling part with hemorrhoids is that the patient feels he has a spherical presence – or even many believe – of a species can, but there's really nothing. These are also accompanied with severe pain, apparently, even when the gas crossing.

If you can see, that your symptoms are consistent for most of those presented here, to determine whether you have hemorrhoids or not. In any case, is better with some measures that would not worsen their condition. For starters, listen to toilet paper to wipe after a bowel movement. Then use water instead. Toilet paper is rough and tends to leave lint behind, not to mention that the dry, you can print for your condition can only worsen the situation. Pat dry, but do not rub. You must also include the amount of fiber in your diet. This will be very useful to have bowel movements without problems. Hard stools can not only cause, but may also complicate the posts or other problems in the anal area. If possible, a few tablespoons of Psyllium Husk take every night before bed. It is better to hunt with this milk. Milk is a mild laxative and will be very useful. You must do this at least a week to give, to heal the wounds of time to win.

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