Acupuncture, Acupressure And Reflexology In Pregnancy

Acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology in pregnancy

There are some changes through the body of a woman during the entire course of pregnancy. While some of the changes may be relatively small and easy to adjust, many of the changes cause some degree of discomfort to pregnant women. Unfortunately, not unlike other women, who are not pregnant to choose from, analgesics or other drugs as more experienced symptoms that do not pop. Therefore have no choice but to rely on alternative methods of treatment and therapy to relieve their symptoms. For this reason, more women are studying the efficacy of alternative pain relief methods such as acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology in pregnancy.

Acupuncture for pregnancy

Acupuncture can be described as the Chinese used to treat pain and other diseases in which the tips of needles at specific points on the skin are used. It is believed that this practice promotes the improvement of vital energy flow throughout the body, health and welfare. There are several women around the world who have started with acupuncture in pregnancy to relieve symptoms such as nausea, cramps, mood swings, bladder problems, and so on. However, the needles can not be used at certain points, and try acupuncture for pregnant women during early pregnancy can lead to uterine contractions. Therefore, women who decide to try acupuncture during pregnancy select a licensed and experienced.

Acupressure in Pregnancy

Acupressure is a Chinese method of pain treatment in which pressure is applied to certain body parts with your fingers. Several women the use of acupressure during pregnancy to reduce back pain, nausea, dehydration, edema, insomnia, anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, constipation and many other problems.

Reflexology in pregnancy
Reflexology can be used as the art of pressure with the hands, feet or described, without lotion or oil. Only specific part of the thumb and fingers are used reflexology techniques. Women use hand reflexology in pregnancy, and reflexology in pregnancy as a form of alternative therapy for relief of various symptoms. Some of the problems can be reduced with the help of reflexology during pregnancy are:

  • Excessive stress
  • Indigestion problems
  • Train and headaches
  • Back pain

However, without doubt, consult a doctor before trying acupressure, acupuncture or reflexology during pregnancy. In fact, I had women who are planning to have a baby soon, is best done with a doctor about the feasibility of acupuncture, acupressure or reflexology to speak during ovulation.

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